Flights & Getting to Krabi

The most convenient way to travel to Krabi is to get a domestic connect flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Krabi Airport (KBV) using Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways. Thai Airways operates four daily flights to Krabi and Bangkok Airways offers two. Flight time for this leg is around 1:20hr.

Also in Bangkok is Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). Booking your connecting flight from DMK is not recommended. It is quite far from BKK and could take up to an hour to transfer between the two airports to reach your connecting flight.

If you will already be spending time in Bangkok before you travel to Krabi or have alternate plans Air Asia operates flights to KBV from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and DMK.

It is also possible to travel by air contitioned coach from Bangkok or by train + local buses. However, the journey can be quite long (> 12 hours) and my not be convenient for your travel plans.

Krabi Climate and Sightseeing Tours

June may not be the best time to visit most of Thailand's tropical islands and beaches due to the monsoon period. The average temperature is 80F // 27C to 95F // 36C. There are frequent short heavy thundershowers, offering welcome relief from the temperature and humidity. We recommend that you wait to book sightseeing tours or other activities until you arrive in Krabi and can assess the weather conditions.

Visa Requirements

Many of you will not require a travel visa, as Thailand has reciprocal visa exemptions with many countries. A list of those countries can be found on the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. One thing to note that is true regardless of whether or not you need a visa:

  • Your passport must not expire within six months of your stated travel dates

If required, please send requests for a letter of invitation to Alexandra Golubovic