Software Prerequisites

All students are required to bring a laptop in order to take part in the student workshop proceedings.

A Docker image containing all the software required will be provided and needs to be installed prior to attending the workshop. This requires the installation of some prerequisite packages, and depends on your laptop's operating system.

First of all, please go to the Docker Download Page and download Docker for your laptop's operating system, then follow the installation prompts.

You'll also need to install XWindows if you're using a Microsoft operating system (Xming is a good one if you don't have a preference) or OSX (XQuartz is the current preferred option). You'll also need an SSH client (OSX and Linux will already have one. For Microsoft, a simple option is PuTTY

Some new instructions for mounting a local volume

First, make sure you have the latest version of the docker image. We've updated a few things during the week

    docker pull nanograv/ipta-docker

Now, if you have an existing container that you created earlier in the week you need to decide if you want to keep the data. Assuming the container was called "ipta" you would do:

docker cp ipta:/home/jovyan/path/to/your/stuff ./
Where path/to/your/stuff is the path inside the container.

Now, stop your contanier and remove it with

docker stop ipta
docker rm ipta

Now, you'll need to decide where you would like to put a directory that you would like to share between your computuer and the docker container that you are going to create. Put it somewhere relative to your home directory, so /Users/username/path/to/your/stuff on OSX and Windows or /home/username/path/to/your/stuff on linux. Once you've done that, go ahead and create a new container with docker run:

docker run -d -v /Users/username/path/to/your/stuff:/home/jovyan/work/shared -p 8888:8888 -p 2222:22 --name ipta nanograv/ipta-docker

and then check to make sure the image is running

    docker ps
    to see something like this:

    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS  
93000036af6f        nanograv/ipta-docker   "tini -- start-not..."   3 seconds ago       Up 2 seconds       

Now that it's running, you'll need to connect to the container and set a password for the "jovyan" user. You can do this with

      docker exec -it ipta /bin/bash
which will give you a root shell on the container. Now you'll need to set a password for the jovyan user,

      passwd jovyan

Now you can ssh into the container as the jovyan user, but you'll need to connect to port 2222

       ssh -XY -p 2222 jovyan@localhost

The container is running a jupyter notebook server, go ahead and get the approprite url and token by running "jupyter notebook list" (note that your prompt and token will look slightly different):

      jovyan@93000036af6f:~$ jupyter notebook list
      Currently running servers:

Paste the url that you get into your web browser, and confirm that you can connect to the notebook server. Now that you've confirmed everything works, go ahead and shut down the container with :

       docker stop ipta

When you're ready to work again you can do:

       docker start ipta