Important Information

Opening Reception

For those of you who will be joining us on Sunday June 22 please stop by the Banff Center Professional Development Center (where the front desk for the Centre is) in the room 301 lounge

Broadcasting Talks

We will be attempting to simulcast the talks on a private google hangout during the meeting. In order to facilitate this we would appreciate if you could email your talk to before your talk is scheduled to begin. Alternately, Nate will pass out flash drives to speakers at the break before their talk is scheduled to begin. We appreciate your cooperation.


Local Organizing Committee:
  • Robert Ferdman (Chair) (McGill)
  • Maura McLaughlin (WVU)
  • Ingrid Stairs (UBC)
  • Victoria Kaspi (McGill)
  • Timothy Dolch (Cornell)
  • Weiwei Zhu (UBC)
  • Megan Moore (WVU)
  • Nate Garver-Daniels (WVU)
Science Organizing Committee:
  • David Nice (Chair) (Lafayette)
  • Rutger van Haasteren (JPL)
  • George Hobbs (ATNF)
  • Gemma Janssen (ASTRON)
  • Sean McWilliams (WVU)
  • Alberto Sesana (AEI)
  • Ryan Shannon (ATNF)
Student Week Organizing Committee:
  • Ryan Lynch (Chair) (McGill)
  • Justin Ellis (UWM)
  • Nate Garver-Daniels (WVU)
  • Michael Lam (Cornell)
  • Patrick Lazarus (MPIfR)
  • Delphine Perrodin (Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari)
  • Xingjiang Zhu (ATNF)
Detection Workshop Organizing Committee:
  • Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU)
  • Maura McLaughlin (WVU)

Key Dates

  • IPTA 2014 Student Week:16-20 June, 2014
  • IPTA 2014 Science Week:23-27 June, 2014
  • Registration (including Hotel Booking):16 May, 2014