Preliminary IPTA 2018 Program

Note the program is still under active development and may change. Topics listed here are intended to convey an approximate idea of what will be covered in the meeting.

Monday, June 18

  • Updates from PTAs
  • IPTA working groups

Tuesday, June 19

  • Pulsar timing and GW analysis software developments
  • New instrumentation and pulsar timing array telescopes

Wednesday, June 20

  • Continued instrumentation discussion
  • Visit to VLA (to be confirmed)

Thursday, June 21

  • GW astrophysics in other bands (LIGO, LISA, etc).
  • EM counterpart of GW signals
  • FRBs; synergies with pulsar instruments
  • Non-GW pulsar science
  • Conference dinner

Friday, June 22

  • Pulsar searches