Student workshop registration:

Registration fees for the student week have been waived due to generous support from a NANOGrav/PIRE grant and the ATNF. However, physical space at the telescope limits attendance to about 35 students. We will fill the available slots on a first come, first served basis, so please register early to avoid disappointment! We will confirm your space as soon as possible.

Registration includes lunch, a workshop dinner, and daily transportation from the Station motel to the observatory.

Science meeting registration:

Full registration for the meeting (inclusive of the black hole workshop) is 400 USD and includes lunch and the conference dinner.

In order to encourage student participation fees have been subsidized by NSF/PIRE and ATNF, and student registration (inclusive of the black hole workshop) is 200 USD.

Registration for those attending only the one-day workshop on supermassive black hole / environment evolution is 64 USD and includes lunch.

Payment of registration fees can be made here: Registration Payments