Registration fee and payment:

A reminder that the fee for student attendance to the Student Workshop is waived, but that the Science Week fee is required from all participants, including students.

The registration fee will be divided into 4 main categories:

The conference dinner will take place on the evening of Thursday, 26 June. More information about the conference dinner will soon be available on the meeting website.

Payment for registration fee can be made online at the following site: IPTA Payment Site

Quick step-by-step instructions for payment:

  1. Click on “add to basket” under the appropriate category.
  2. You will then be taken to the next page, where you can enter your full name (first, then last name please).
  3. Make sure that “Quantity” is set to “1”, and click “add to basket”.
  4. In the right panel of the screen, you will see the total to be paid. Under this, you can then click “Checkout Now”.
  5. The next page requires you to fill in your billing information. Once this is done, click “Continue”.
  6. On the following page, you to create an account password, and specify your payment method. Once you have entered your payment information, click “Pay with a credit card”.
  7. The next and final page confirms your purchase. You can print out the receipt by clicking “Printable version”.
  8. All major credit cards are accepted for payment.

The final deadline for registration fee payment is Friday, 13 June 2014. Earlier payment is very much appreciated!